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All in one - the STEEREON C30 impresses in all respects

elektrisches e-Bike mit montierten Einkaufskörben steht mit rosa Blumen beladen auf einem Marktplatz

The Cologne-based start-up PLEV Technologies GmbH has achieved a lot since it was founded in 2018. The idea for the STEEREON, a handy lifestyle electric vehicle for the city that is fun to drive and can be transported anywhere, emerged from a study project. The three founders from Cologne laid the foundation for their success story. We visited PLEV Technologies in Cologne and were able to extensively test a STEEREON C30 for a fortnight.

Electric mobility - Made in Cologne

The company's headquarters are inconspicuously hidden in a backyard in the Kalk district of Cologne. But once you enter the halls, the world of STEEREON opens up to you. Vehicles in all variants are ready for collection. A small showroom in one corner, the office area with the creative minds in another. You can tell straight away that this is all about the essentials - the STEEREON. Production takes place in another hall. The STEEREON is manufactured by hand - Made in Cologne. Every move is perfect. And this is reflected in the quality and high value of the vehicle.

On site, we get an impression of the many development stages of the STEEREON. The guys are constantly working on improvements and optimisations in order to fulfil the wishes of the customers. There are now numerous features that can be considered in the customised configuration. An extensive range of accessories completes the multifunctional e-vehicle. But more on this later in the practical test.

We then receive our test vehicle, a fully equipped STEEREON C30 Long Range, and are given a detailed introduction to the vehicle. Incidentally, this is a service that everyone who collects a STEEREON receives. This ensures that every vehicle is ideally adjusted to the new owner's body size and driving behaviour. We can take a first spin in the backyard and realise that driving a STEEREON C30 is child's play. The controls are intuitive and leave nothing to be desired. Then we stow the handy vehicle and its accessories in the boot and say goodbye to the 2-week test phase.

Would you also like to test drive the STEEREON C30?

Arrange your test drive with STEEREON now.

e-Bike ohne Pedale mit Gepäck-Körben steht auf Weg mit herbstlichen Bäumen im Hintergrund.

Our STEEREON C30 in detail:

  • Pro version

  • Motor: 48 volt motor with planetary gearbox (Bafang)

  • 500 W continuous rated power / peak approx. 900 W

  • Torque: 65 Nm

  • Climbing ability: ~20 %

  • Battery: 2 lithium-ion batteries with 556 Wh each (1 active and 1 range extender attached to the frame), both lockable

  • Frame attachment for the range extender

  • Nominal battery voltage: 48V

  • Charging time: approx. 4 hours per battery

  • Range: up to 2x 40 km, 80 km in total

  • Folding mechanism rear wheel

  • Suspension seat post

  • Frame lock from Abus incl. textile-coated chain and bag

  • Colour: grey

  • Weight: 22.0 kg incl. 1 battery

  • Permissible total weight: 150 kg

  • Tyre size: front 18", rear 14"

  • Pneumatic tyres front + rear with puncture protection

  • Hydraulic disc brakes front + rear

  • LED headlights front + rear with brake light

  • indicators

  • Control unit: LED display with USB port, code immobiliser and horn

  • Luggage carrier

  • Klickfix adapter for baskets

  • Basket for luggage carrier and basket for handlebars from Reisenthel

  • Mobile phone holder

  • Rear-view mirror, mudguards and kick plates for standing up are included as standard

What exactly is a STEEREON C30?

The design is quite extraordinary. And the longer I look at the vehicle, the more difficult I find it to answer the question: What is the STEEREON actually? An e-bike without pedals or an e-scooter with a seat? Or a lightweight moped with a folding mechanism? Somehow the STEEREON C30 is everything in one, a hybrid with the best features of all light vehicle classes combined.

We put the STEEREON C30 through its paces in dry and cool 9 degree autumn weather. The first impression is positive. The seating position is upright, the sprung seat module and the ergonomic handles are comfortable. All switches are clearly visible. The cables are textile-covered and securely packaged, so nothing flutters around loosely. The components used make a very high-quality impression. Established brand manufacturers supply various components: Selle Royal seat, Abus lock, Racktime pannier rack, Klick-Fix luggage mounts - that speaks for quality.

Extensive and well thought-out accessories available

Many components are already included as standard in the basic version, such as the footrests, mudguards or the colour display with extensive setting options and information, including the time - not everyone has that! STEEREON also offers a wide range of optional features that can be customised. The add-ons are not a must, but they perfect the electric multifunctional vehicle into a real all-rounder for every situation.

  • Indicators

  • Rear-view mirror

  • Twist grip

  • Mobile phone holder

  • Abus lock

  • alarm system

  • Suspension seat

  • Luggage carrier with 25 kg load capacity

  • Panniers & baskets

  • twist throttle

The Steereon is fun to ride with power and vigour on short journeys

When I first set off, I intuitively want to put my feet on the pedals - but there are none. You simply rest your feet on the pedal plates - very relaxed, very easy.

The drive is controlled via the thumb throttle. The modes can be set individually and the rider decides on the colour display in the basic settings whether they want to choose between 3, 5 or 9 different power levels. We opted for 5 levels. Acceleration is comfortable at the lowest level, with a top speed of 15 km/h. This then increases with each level and in level 5 you reach 30 km/h, or even up to a maximum of 32 km/h, which is permitted by law. This is a top speed for the city, as more and more local authorities are now introducing 30 km/h zones. A STEEREON is right up there at the front. The speed shown on the display is very accurate. The GPS measurement only shows a minimal deviation of 1 to 2 km/h.

The torque is particularly powerful at the highest level, almost lifting the front wheel where the hub motor is located. This creates a wow effect! On wet roads, the front wheel can spin, but you quickly get the hang of adjusting the throttle correctly. If you prefer to operate the drive with a twist grip, you can configure alternative handlebar grips as an option.

The STEEREON C30 can be ridden sitting down or standing up - depending on your preference. It is extremely smooth-running and the lightness emphasises the lively riding character. It is silent on the road. The ride is very comfortable on flat stretches of road. A slalom course can be driven smoothly in small bends. The STEEREON is characterised by its amazing manoeuvrability. However, on gravel or cobbled paths, the relatively small wheels mean that the vibrations are transferred to the handlebars and rider via the frame, which can be a little bumpy.

The maximum climbing ability is 20%, even with a maximum load the STEEREON still manages 15%. Although the speed then slows down a little, we always maintained the 20 km/h uphill. That's a top value!

About the range: You have the choice between two different battery strengths - 556 Wh and 655 Wh. According to the WLPT, this gives you a range of up to 40 km or 50 km.

However, this is under optimum conditions: flat asphalt road, no additional load, rider weight up to 70 kg, optimum tyre pressure, warm temperatures and sunshine.

We tested the STEEREON C30 in the cool autumn and did not go easy on it. Our test routes included a few inclines and we maxed out the permissible total weight. The 556 Wh battery lasted for just under 20 kilometres. Thanks to the second battery, however, we always made it to our destination.

Would you like to test ride the STEEREON C30?

Book your free test ride with STEEREON now.

Easy to stow away in just 3 easy steps

The patented folding mechanism is well thought out from front to back. The handlebar is folded down to the side and the rear wheel is folded under the frame. The seat post can also be removed. This means that the STEEREON C30 can be easily transported in the boot. We didn't even have to fold down the rear seat of the BYD Atto 3. This is a huge advantage, as it makes it easy to take the STEEREON with you when travelling or on public transport. As soon as the handlebars are folded down, the vehicle is no longer considered ready to drive and is therefore classed as luggage.

Klapp-e-Bike im Kofferraum eines Autos

New: purchase the STEEREON C30 as a job scooter

A brand new offer is now also available for STEEREON vehicles: purchase your STEEREON via salary conversion and save up to 46% compared to a normal purchase. You can drive a STEEREON from around €50 per month. At the end of the leasing period, you can purchase the vehicle for a small residual amount. Fully comprehensive insurance and a service package are also included. The purchase process is completed quickly and only requires the approval of your employer. Cooperation with our partner Eleasa is possible here.

Who is the STEEREON C30 suitable for?

The Steereon C30 is an extraordinary means of transport and a real eye-catcher and fun vehicle. This makes the e-vehicle suitable for anyone who is looking for something special and wants to travel sustainably and electrically. Anyone who values high-quality workmanship made in Germany and wants a vehicle that cuts a fine figure in any situation is well advised to opt for a Steereon.

The STEEREON C30 is an urban mobility marvel, ideal for the city and short trips. On longer tours, the seating comfort suffers somewhat, but that is certainly a matter of getting used to.

The STEEREON C30 is ideal as a mobility aid or as an additional vehicle when camping. It is small and light, but guarantees reliable travelling from A to B without much effort.

With its numerous accessories, the STEEREON C30 is ideal for commuting to work or for daily shopping. You can even transport a crate of drinks on the carrier.

Häufig gestellte Fragen zum STEEREON C30

How fast does the STEEREON C30 go?

The STEEREON C30 model has a maximum design speed of 20 km/h (helmet-free), 25 km/h (helmet-required) or 32 km/h (helmet-required).

How far can I get with the STEEREON?

How heavy is the STEEREON?

How long does a battery charge last?

How and where can I have a repair or service carried out?

Is the STEEREON permitted on German roads?

Where am I allowed to ride the STEEREON C30?

Is it obligatory to wear a helmet?

What insurance do I need for the STEEREON C30?

What are the energy costs per 100 kilometres?

Can I test drive the STEEREON C30?

The Steereon C30 is of course also available in our e-shop. You can get a personalised offer there. Now in the big winter sale, attractive discounts are available until the end of the year. Save up to €747. It's worth it.

Junger Mann sitzt auf kleinem e-Bike an Rheinpromenade im Gegenlicht der Abendsonne, im Hintergrund ein großer Fluß.


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