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Brekr Model B - a bike that brings joy

Junger Typ fährt auf Moped vor einer Wiese

An e-moped in a class of its own that is fun to ride, looks stylish and causes positive amazement wherever it goes - that's the BREKR Model B. It's an electric moped that will put a smile on your face - and not just yours! We tested the Dutch electric moped (L1e class) and we weren't the only ones who were amazed at what this bike has to offer.

The Brekr team lives the passion for electric riding

The Dutch start-up Brekr from Doetinchem in the Netherlands began developing the unique motorbike in 2018. Jasper Hagedorn is in charge of development, while Ivo Roos is responsible for the extraordinary design. Together with a few other enthusiasts, they created an electric moped that has never been seen before. The look is unconventional, yet logical. The dynamics are noticeable and the riding experience is light yet lively.

Brekken means having maximum fun in the language of the Achterhoek. "Høken, brekken and angoan" are often mentioned in the same sentence, which means having a lot of fun. A Brekr celebrates life.

Brekr Model B: Powerful motor with a long range

Thanks to its sophisticated aluminium frame, the Brekr Model B weighs around 30 kg less than comparable mopeds. This has a positive effect on the range. The removable battery (2 kWh capacity) lasts for around 50 to 70 kilometres, which is a considerable range. Optionally, you can stow a second battery under the seat. The battery takes around 4 to 5 hours to charge.

A powerful hub motor is located in the rear wheel. This provides 2.5 kW continuous power and 4 kW peak power. The drive is therefore directly on the wheel, so there is no chain or belt. This results in an almost noiseless drive with plenty of power. Only the sound generator (AVAS) provides a background noise that warns passers-by that the electric moped is approaching.

Brekr also relies on high-quality components such as the tyres, suspension fork and braking system. The latter is capable of recuperation and is therefore able to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy when braking. This leads to even more range.

The design is convincing

The aluminium frame has a purist design. The construction is simple yet ingenious. An open frame construction includes the battery storage. The saddle for two people seems to float. A powerfully designed diagonal connects the handlebars and front wheel with the rear section. This diagonal can be customised with a colour trim - simply choose your favourite colour. This can also be done retrospectively, so you can give your Model B a new look depending on your mood.

However, there is hardly any storage space in the Brekr. The battery compartment is full with two batteries, leaving only space for the vehicle documents. A thin rain jacket can be stored in front of the seat in the small open storage compartment with a perforated pattern and rubber straps. However, this type of storage is not suitable for the weather-protected transport of important items.

The side stand is stable. There is no main stand at all. The LED is bright and illuminates the surroundings very well.

As a supplement to the bike itself, there is the Brekr app, which uses the GPS module installed in the bike to record the journeys travelled, show the location of the bike and can issue warnings in suspicious circumstances - for example, if the bike is moved when parked. Use of the app is free for the first year after purchase, after which it costs €5.95 per month or you can opt for a discounted annual subscription.

Operating the e-moped is simple and intuitive. All switches are within easy reach on the handlebars.

Junger Typ sitzt lässig auf Moped und hält Smartphone in der Hand

Key Facts:

  • Price: from € 5,149

  • Weight: 78 kg incl. 1 battery (10.8 kg)

  • Battery capacity: 2 kWh

  • Max. Power: 4 kW

  • Torque: 140 Nm

  • Range: 50-80 km

  • Wheel size: 17"

  • Driving licence category: AM

  • Current delivery time: 1-3 weeks

Riding behaviour:

GPS Gescheindigkeitsmessung am Lenker im Vergleich zu Anzeige Tachometer bei der Vergleichsfahrt

Turn the key to the right, pull the brake once to switch from neutral mode to driving mode, and the Brekr Model B is ready to ride. There are four driving modes available, with a reasonably noticeable difference between them on several levels. In the weakest mode 1, acceleration is leisurely and you really need a running start to reach 45 km/h - uphill, the top speed is only 40 km/h. In the strongest mode 4, the Brekr accelerates well from a standstill and the acceleration is strong. 45 km/h is then also quickly reached uphill and, according to the speedometer, the bike runs even faster on the flat and downhill. The deviation between the displayed speedometer speed and the measured GPS value is just under 10%, which corresponds to a normal tolerance.

The e-moped is very comfortable to ride, the suspension is soft, which is noticeable as soon as you sit on it.

The suspension deflection when braking and accelerating takes some getting used to. With the strong torque of 140 Nm, the rear wheel is noticeably retracted during acceleration and relaxes again when the throttle is released. When changing speed quickly, this can cause a little rocking and following road users may be surprised by the moving rear wheel.

The handling is ideal for beginners due to the light weight of the vehicle. Only the steering angle is relatively limited, making tight bends more difficult to negotiate. This is also noticeable when manoeuvring. The large profiled tyres provide safety on the road and make the moped easy to steer. Starting off is lively, sometimes even too lively. The torque is decent and the bike length is relatively short at 1900 mm. Those who love wheelies will get their money's worth here.

Nahaufnahme Hinterrad eines Mopeds mit gelber Feder

The seat has a retro look and lacks an ergonomic seat. This can be a little uncomfortable on longer rides. Depending on your height, the rider slides so far back that there is not much room for a pillion passenger.

Sitzbank für Zwei Personen eines Mopeds

The brakes grip well. But be careful: the brake levers are arranged differently than usual: the right lever controls the rear wheel disc brake, the left lever the front wheel. But you soon get used to it.


Brekr offers a range of accessories that can be purchased directly with the bike. These include a mobile phone holder that allows the mobile phone to be securely attached to the handlebars. There is also a stylish jet helmet, weather protection cover, a lock or an optional second mirror for a better view to the rear. Incidentally, this is mandatory in Germany, otherwise you could face a fine of €15.

Übersicht Zubehör Brekr


  • Acceleration and driving dynamics

  • Fun and manoeuvrable handling

  • Range

  • Striking purist design


  • Display difficult to read in direct sunlight

  • Seating comfort on long journeys

  • Little storage space

Ansicht weisses Elektromoped in puristisch modernem Design

Conclusion of the Brekr Model B test:

The Brekr Model B is a stylish city moped with a strikingly good design. Wherever we went, we struck up a conversation with passers-by who marvelled at the Model B. The exchange with people interested in e-mobility was really fun. You stand out with this e-moped - in a positive sense!

The handling is agile and fun. The range is decent and corresponds to the manufacturer's specifications.

The app functions are above average and a great addition. It's a shame that use is only free for the first year.

Points are only deducted for the lack of storage space and seating comfort on long journeys. However, the city moped is not designed for this. The Brekr Model B is ideal for cruising short distances from A to B. A clear recommendation to buy.



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