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We love sushi! - the stylish e-bike for the city.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Mann fährt auf Fahrrad am Strand und blickt zurück

You have to like sushi - or not. While tastes differ when it comes to the Asian speciality, the vote is clear when it comes to the attractively priced e-bikes from the Munich forge: Sushi bikes are a worthwhile investment for both the eye and the wallet. The Munich start-up has made a tremendous development and presents with the new Sushi Maki 3.0* an e-bike for the city as it should be: functional, modern, affordable and above all: with a lot of drive!

Sushi Mobility GmbH was founded in Munich in 2019 by Andreas Weinzierl and Joko Winterscheid, who was the face of the brand in the early days. This has since been taken over by the founder with heart and soul Andy Weinzierl himself and embodies the Sushi brand like no other. The goal of the product development was to develop an e-bike that is good in quality but costs under 1,000 €. The founding team achieved this with the Maki 1.0 in 2019. In the meantime, a lot of tinkering has been done, improvements have been made, production has been moved from Asia to Portugal, all of which has made the entire production and functionality of the Sushi bikes more sustainable and comfortable overall.

Electrically mobile in the city with the Sushi Maki 3.0 e-bike.

The slim yet sporty look is convincing. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles. The latest version, the Sushi Maki 3.0, has been equipped with several features that make the Sushi e-bike even more attractive for the city. As an e-bike, the Sushi is a real lightweight with a total weight of just 17 kilograms. The aluminium frame construction has three different frame sizes (S, M and L) to suit almost all body sizes, there is a hydraulic disc brake system, tyres have puncture protection and the handlebar grips are ergonomically shaped. The lighting consists of high-quality LED lights. Mudguards are optionally available. On the handlebars there is an LC display as standard, which serves as a display and control unit for the e-drive. However, there are no connectivity features or app connections.

A 200 W hub motor is installed in the rear wheel. The 230 Wh battery, weighing only 1.3 kg, is mounted on the frame and is removable. Visually, it is almost reminiscent of a rocket engine. In addition, it has a USB port as a charging option for the mobile phone. The pedelec's pedal assistance can be activated on a small display and individually adjusted to 5 different levels. If you select the strongest support, a range of up to 40 km in urban areas is realistic, and even up to 75 km if you ride economically. And it is precisely for urban use that the Sushi Maki 3.0 is ideal. The electric drive assistance makes the ride easier even on small inclines. Big hills and long rides, on the other hand, are a little less comfortable to manage, as there is only one fixed gear ratio - there is little room for adjustment.

The e-bike is delivered directly to your home or, if you wish, to a partner workshop, which will then carry out the final assembly for a small flat-rate assembly fee. Optional accessories can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer. These include a luggage rack (front or rear), an Abus folding lock, helmet, bike care set, backpack or a removable mudguard.


The Sushi Maki 3.0 is not a high-tech designer e-bike with pages of operating instructions. There are certainly a few drawbacks with regard to the components installed. However, with the Sushi bike you get a modern and functional city bike for little money - just get on and ride.

You can find the Sushi Maki 3.0 and other stylish e-bikes in our e-shop.

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