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Lightweight e-scooters for all occasions

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Mann trägt zusammengeklappten e-Sccoter in seiner rechten Hand die Treppe runter

Niu has just presented the NIU KQI AIR X, an e-scooter made of carbon that weighs only 11.7 kg and promises a range of 50 km. Such an e-scooter is practical for short distances. Ideally, it serves as a supplement to cover the last metres from the track to the destination quickly and comfortably. Or you can use it as a complement to your car: "Park & Ride an e-Scooter! In order to be able to use an e-scooter universally, one feature is particularly important: the weight. We introduce you to lightweight e-scooters that are particularly versatile.

e-Scooters as a complement to urban mobility

Since 2019, electric scooters have been approved for use on the road. In the meantime, it is hard to imagine cities without e-scooters. They are an environmentally friendly link in individual transport, a great addition to the car or local public transport. They are manoeuvrable and emit no pollutants. But disadvantages are becoming increasingly apparent in large cities, often mainly due to the improper use of small electric vehicles. Wild parking or driving in pairs is not only prohibited, it also poses dangers for those driving themselves or other road users. Even e-scooters are subject to the road traffic regulations and some traffic rules such as the per mile limits must be observed.

In addition, there is uncertainty and ignorance when it comes to the topic of electromobility. Now Hamburg has imposed a ban on the transport of e-scooters in the city's underground system, effective since 24 August 2023.

"With this decision, Hamburger Hochbahn AG is reacting to internationally documented cases in which fires have occurred from batteries on e-scooters with heavy smoke development," the municipal transport company announced. Both Barcelona and London have now banned the use of e-scooters.

The e-scooters show their advantages especially in the inner-city area, on the short distances. Riders are manoeuvrable and can always find a parking space. e-Scooters are foldable and light, so they are easy to transport. They are therefore also a good alternative for car drivers if the parking space is further away from the next train stop. The scooter is then quickly taken out of the boot, folded up and driven to the stop, and the e-scooter is then carried on the train. This is how e-mobility works, as it is in Germany and also in most European countries.

The manufacturers of high-quality e-scooters meet all safety standards and are so technically advanced that the danger of a battery rupture can be largely ruled out when used properly. They also attach importance to a high degree of practicability. To carry an e-scooter well over the shoulder or to stow it in the boot, a weight of approx. 10 to13 kg is required; anything over that is difficult to handle.

Lightweight e-scooters with high safety standards

schwarzer e-Scooter mit Trägerplatte für Transporte
Moovi Pro Comfort

Moovi Pro Comfort The Moovi Pro Comfort comes with a 7.8 Ah battery that promises a 22 km/h ride and delivers a range of up to 30 km. The battery takes 3.5 hours to charge. The permissible total weight is 142 kg. The tyres have a diameter of 7.9 inches. There is a pneumatic tyre at the front and a Honeycomb tyre at the rear. Thanks to these tyres and a highly vibration-reducing mat on the footboard, the Moovi Pro Comfort offers a high level of riding comfort. The scooter has three brakes. The front wheel has a drum brake and an electronic brake. The rear wheel has a mechanical brake. The foldable electric scooter weighs only 12.8 kg and is easy to store in the boot.

weisser e-Scooter mit schwarzer Lenkstange
Streetbooster One

Streetbooster One

The electric scooter from the German manufacturer in Herborn has a road permit and reaches a top speed of 22 km/h. The range is up to 26 km. The range is 26 km. The lithium-ion battery with 7.5 Ah / 270 Wh is charged from 0 to 100 % in 5 hours. Air-filled tyres with inner tube from CST guarantee comfortable riding. With a frame made of aluminium and a base part made of one piece, the Streetbooster One weighs approx. 13 kg. A payload of up to 106 kg is no problem. With a length of only 103 cm, transporting the street-legal e-scooter in a car, bus or train is particularly easy. The Streetbooster One is the predecessor of the now very popular Streetbooster Two.

schwarzer e-Scooter
Xiaomi 3

Xiaomi 3

The e-scooter can reach a top speed of 20 km/h and has a gradient capacity of 16%. The frame is made of a very strong aluminium alloy and is equipped with practical pneumatic tyres. The range of the 7.65 Ah battery promises 30 km of riding fun. The pneumatic tyres guarantee riding comfort. The specified climbing ability of 16 % is very good. The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3* can be folded within 3 seconds and then measures 108 cm in length and 49 cm in height. The total weight is only 13 kg, so you can easily take the scooter with you on trips.

e-Scooter in tannengrün
SoFlow e-Scooter

Soflow SO1

The SO1 is the manufacturer's entry-level model. It convinces with a powerful 300 watt motor and a compact lithium battery that provides a range of around 12 kilometres. The battery can be recharged within 5 hours. The maximum speed is 20 km/h. The SoFlow app offers even more useful functions for the scooter. A display on the handlebar provides the usual information on battery capacity, speed, Bluetooth and light. A toggle switch controls the throttle and brake. The SO1 even weighs only 11.2 kg and is foldable, which makes it a practical companion for everyday use. The load capacity is 100 kg.

schwarzer e-Scooter in Seitenansicht
SXT Light Plus V eKFV

SXT Light Plus V eKFV

When folded, the dimensions of the SXT Light Plus V* with road approval are 37 x 97 x 39 cm, making it ideal for transporting in the boot. At just under 12 kg, it is also light and can be loaded with 125 kg. The top speed is up to just under 22 km/h and the range even 30 km. The lithium battery charges in a good four hours. The two 8" solid rubber tyres are puncture-proof, but also spoil the ride comfort due to the poorer suspension. The handlebar height is variably adjustable up to one metre. However, due to the small dimensions, the handlebar width is also only 38.5 cm, which can be a bit wobbly.

leichter schwarzer e-Scooter  aus Carbon


NIU presents its lightest e-scooters, which can be pre-ordered now, in a limited edition. The weight of 11.7 and 11.9 kg is very low, especially with the promised range of 50 km. The frame is made of carbon. This brings a weight saving of up to 40 %. The motor has a peak power of 700W. The handlebar width is 54 cm, the footboard 19 cm. The e.Scooter has 9.5" tubeless tyres. The braking system is hydraulic and recuperative. The NIU Smart App enables some features, such as unlocking the vehicle. In addition, the new generation of NIU scooters offers an electric horn, turn signals and ambient light on the footboard. The price of the NIU KQI AIR X is €1,799.00. Until 19 September, you can benefit from the super early bird price of €949 on the NIU website.

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