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What does... actually mean? Our e-Wiki provides answers.

e-mobility moves.

But how exactly does it work? What are the connections? Many topics revolve around the batteries that power electric vehicles. But how does the electric power get into the vehicle and then get it moving? Which rules must be observed? And what vehicles are there anyway?

There are many topics surrounding e-mobility and you don't always know exactly what or who is behind them. Numerous surveys show that interested parties feel ignorant. Over a third of Germans (35.5%) rate their knowledge as low. Uncertainties and a lack of information are the cause of misinterpretations. In some cases, decades-old myths still prevail. 


With our e-Wiki we explain terms, interesting facts and connections. We also introduce personalities from e-mobility. And if you are missing any information, please contact us. We would be happy to take up your suggestion.

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