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Test drive Zero S - the sporty electric motorcycle of the A1 class

Updated: Jun 25

Motorcyclist sitting on motorcycle on the side of the road in front of motorcycle shop

Zero Motorcycles has now revised its range of e-motorcycles up to 11 kW for bikers who have an A1 or B196 driving license. The new Zero S has just arrived at dealers in Germany and I was one of the first to test drive the sporty electric motorcycle.

Zero is the market leader in electric motorcycles

Zero Motorbikes have been pioneers in two-wheeled e-mobility for many years. Zero has also been selling electric motorbikes in Europe since 2010, serving a very exquisite clientele. This is because the competition from renowned motorbike manufacturers, such as BMW, prefer to wait and take their time with their own electric bikes. Zero is thus positioning itself as the market leader among electric motorbikes. A good decision for the future, because according to the McKinsey Centre for Future Mobility, it is predicted that over 30% of two-wheelers worldwide will be purely electric by 2030.

Motorcyclist races on country road in forest

There is now also an electric light motorcycle offer for novice drivers with an A1 driving license or car drivers with the B196 extension. Anyone who has held a car driving license for five years and is at least 25 years old can get the extension (key number 196) by completing a total of 18 training hours of 45 minutes each.

The Zero S, Zero DS and Zero FXE offer the most exceptional driving experience in their class and an absolute thrill, because the driving experience is (almost) like that of the big ones. All three models are based on the new third-generation FST platform. This offers a Bosch ABS system, traction control, a stability program and a Type 2 charging socket as standard. Brakes: a 320 double disc brake is installed at the front and a 4-piston brake system at the rear.

The Zero S electric motorcycle in detail:

Zero Model S: The look is identical to the "big" SRF or SR models, only the colour scheme in cool white reveals that it is the little sister. This is characterized by the following features: The cheapest model of the new motorcycles for 2024 is completely new and is powered by the new Z-Force 75-7 engine with max. 60 hp in combination with a 14.4 kWh "+" battery. The 600 amp controller is slightly smaller than the 900 amp controller of the larger machines. All of the roadster's electronics are controlled by the Zero Cypher III+ operating system. The Model S features Bosch motorcycle stability control with cornering ABS and traction control, five driving modes, Showa chassis elements and a Gates belt drive.

Comparison Zero S 2021 vs. Zero S 2024

The newly launched Zero S 2024 model offers a maximum output of 60 hp, comparable to the S 2021 with 59 hp.

The maximum torque of the S 2024 of 132 Newton meters offers slightly more thrust than the 92 Nm torque of the previous model S 2021.

In order to dissipate heat particularly quickly, the 2024 Z-Force 75-7 has the external engine hardware of the powerful SR/F. The internal design of the engine has been optimized for maximum performance with significantly reduced weight. Overall, however, the new Zero S now weighs a little more at 223 kg.

The new Zero S's Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) optimally combines performance with intelligent and intuitive control.

It is pleasing to see a price reduction to just €17,4000, which is around €1,000 less than the previous model.

How do I book a test ride on the Zero S?

Booking a test drive is easy and can be requested online, for example via our e-Garage , where we present numerous e-vehicles across categories.

On the product details page there is information about the vehicle and the option to request a test drive. You will then receive the information and a voucher by email.

I drive to the dealer at the agreed time. I have the appropriate protective clothing with me: a safe helmet, motorcycle jacket with protectors, gloves. I quickly sign the liability waiver, show my driver's license, leave my ID card and off I go. The Zero S looks stylish. Sharp edges, sporty lines. I receive detailed instructions and tips on the best places to ride so that I can try out the Zero S on country roads too.

And then it starts.

Motorcyclist drives up on white e-motorcycle

My driving experience on the test drive

The first impression: Wow, the driving experience is like that of a "big one", the performance even in Eco mode is hardly comparable to conventional 125cc machines. The continuous rated power of 11 kW is relevant for classification as an A1 machine, but the peak power is not limited and here Zero really shows what is possible. The power really shows itself when accelerating on country roads. Oncoming bikers greet me - I feel like I'm being taken seriously, like with a powerful A2 machine and the famous permanent grin sets in.

The machine is comfortable to hold, I sit in a compact and sporty position. The driving experience is good. It runs smoothly, there is no fluttering and even the bumps in the rural asphalt do not disturb the vehicle. The cornering in the roundabout is stable. The machine responds easily and quickly to the instructions I give. After a while, however, I notice a feeling of pressure on my hands due to the low handlebar position.

One thing bothered me a little: the position of the footrests. At every traffic light they get in the way and my calf gets caught in them. The result: a bruise that reminds me of the great riding experience for a few days. But otherwise the ergonomics of the Zero S are just right for my height of 1.70 m, which would probably not be the case with a DS, for example, as I noticed when I tried out a DSR. I probably wouldn't have realized this without visiting the local dealer.

So overall I can say that the test drive and the personal experience on the road was well worth it. You get a feel for the unique driving experience with an electric motorcycle, you can see whether the ergonomics suit you and you understand the differences to other vehicles. Conclusion: everyone should treat themselves to this driving pleasure, because a test drive is not only very informative, it is also a lot of fun!



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