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EICMA 2023 - electric motorbikes are on the move

hellgrauen e-Motorrad auf Messestand
Zero Motorcycles, Foto: Courtesy EICMA

The highlight for two-wheeler enthusiasts is the Italian motorbike trade fair, which celebrates the highlights and premieres of new two-wheeler models once a year. This year's EICMA was once again an absolute crowd-puller. 563,848 visitors stormed the Milan halls from 7 to 12 November 2023 - a record number of visitors! Electric motorbikes were also present. We show you what EICMA 2023 had to offer in terms of electric mobility.

Zero expands its range with 125cc models

The DS and S series are now available with 48 hp and as "125s" - with up to 60 hp, a powerful 132 Nm and 140 km/h. This level of performance is new in the A1 class of electric motorbikes. Zero is thus recognising the trend that can also be seen in Germany right now: the 125cc class is gaining in popularity, because thanks to the B 196 driving licence extension without a test, any driver over the age of 25 can enjoy the pleasure of riding the faster motorbikes with little effort.

A range of 242 kilometres for the S and 239 kilometres for the DS are exceptionally good figures. This comes at a price: in 2024, the new Zero S will still cost €17,400, while the new Zero DS will cost €18,400.

The DSR, with its more powerful engine as an A2 motorbike, has also been optimised for use on the road and off-road. There is also the 2024 version of the SR naked bike, which has a new technical basis and has now been positioned in the A2 driving licence category within the model range. A premium version is also to be added to the upper-class adventure bike DSR/X: The DSR/X Black Forest Edition will then come with an accessory package as standard, including a luggage system, crash bars, centre stand, fog lights, a touring screen and other upgrades. The new Zero SR and DSR models can also be upgraded to the performance level of driving licence class A at the dealer.

futuristischer Motorroller fährt auf Straße
Vmoto APD Max by Pininfarina © Vmoto

Vmoto APD Max by Pininfarina: Electric maxi scooter for the 125cc class

The prototype, which is now ready for series production, is set to go into production in the near future. Although the electric motorbike scooter is still at the concept stage, it has already been implemented very realistically. The design of the Vmoto APD Max is reminiscent of the already available BMW CE 04 model, with optimised aerodynamics playing a key role in both vehicles in order to achieve the longest possible range.

A continuous power output of 11 kW (15 hp) can be expected, which is relevant for classification in the 125cc class. The battery is housed under the seat bench for 2 people. 15" wheels give the e-scooter stable handling.

Motorradfahrer geht zu seinem geparkten Bike, im Hintergrund Gletscher Panorama mit schneebedeckten Bergen
Royal Enfield Electric Himalayan Testbed © Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield presents its first electric motorbike concept at EICMA 2023

Royal Enfield from India is already successful on the conventional motorbike market in Europe. In future, the Indian manufacturer with English roots would also like to present itself on the electric motorbike market and is presenting its first electric motorbike concept, the Royal Enfield Electric Himalayan Testbed, also known as the Him-E, at EICMA 2023.

Visually, the electric Himalayan roughly follows the successful combustion version. The name says it all: the electric touring enduro is mainly developed and tested in the Himalayas. According to the manufacturer, the market launch could be in 2025/2026.

NIU expands its vehicle fleet

The Chinese manufacturer NIU is presenting three all-electric innovations at EICMA 2023. An off-road motorbike, a light motorbike and an all-round motorbike for the city.

The road-legal electric dirt bike NIU XQi3 is made for off-road adventures and city traffic. Equipped with a 72V 32Ah LG lithium-ion battery, it offers up to 8 kW and an ultra-boost function for additional power. The XQi3 is DOT and EC certified in Europe thanks to its licence plate holder, lights, indicators and side mirrors. With a range of up to 90 km per charge, it is compatible with all European L1e motorbike licences and is available in two versions: road-legal (XQi3 Street) and off-road (XQi3 Wild). The colour palette offers the colours purple, white, yellow and black. Customers can also personalise their bike with the stickers included in the scope of delivery. Both versions of the XQi3 will be available in Europe from May 2024 from €5,999 (RRP).

The SQi is an elegant lightweight moped that will be available from 2024. It received the RedDot Design Award in 2023 for its futuristic design. Its die-cast unibody frame combines easy handling and simple functionality, with no welded seams. With a top speed of 45 km/h and a range of 95 km, the SQi offers a pleasant riding experience in city traffic.

The RQi is an electric city motorbike that offers sportiness, modern design and intelligent functions. With two removable 72 V 36 Ah batteries, it achieves a maximum output of up to 18 kW and a top speed of 110 km/h. The e-motorbike has an ABS braking system, traction control and front and rear cameras with impact detection. It also offers a keyless system, GPS tracking, navigation and over-the-air updates. The RQi will be available from the first quarter of 2024 at a starting price of €7,999 (RRP) in NIU flagship stores and from dealers.

gelbes Motorrad steht auf Asphalt, Bäume im Hintergrund
Volt Lacama, © Volt

Volt Lacama at the EICMA 2023: An electric motorbike from Italy wants to conquer Europe

The Italian Volt Lacama 2.0 is to be presented at the EICMA in November 2023 as a customisable small-series electric motorbike with 150 hp and a top speed of 230 km/h and will then be delivered to customers from spring 2024.

With the Italian Volt Lacama - the name was derived from a chameleon - the manufacturer is now finally looking to take off on the market after years of development. In "Rocket" mode, the Lacama should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds thanks to 230 Nm. The top speed is 230 km/h - a peak performance of the 110 kW (150 hp) motor. Battery cells from Samsung, combined with control electronics and a special liquid cooling system from Tazzari, should enable a range of over 200 kilometres, and even up to 257 kilometres in city traffic.

The Italian Volt Lacama can already be configured online from around 30,000 euros (29,800 euros plus tax), and Tazzari plans to manufacture and deliver from spring 2024.

Horwin presents the SENMENTI and an electric action bike

The latest member of the Horwin family celebrates its world premiere: SENMENTI. The name is derived from the Chinese pronunciation of the word for "organism", explains Wendsor Zhou Wei, CEO and founder of HORWIN. He is referring to the built-in intelligent electronics that learn. For example, the SENMENTI 0 automatically adapts to its owner's driving style and increases energy efficiency. Over 30 sensors and cameras on the vehicle collect information in real time and thus increase safety. The SENMENTI 0 is equipped with an ABS braking system, an anti-skid system, tyre pressure sensors and a collision warning system, among other things. Hill start, start and reverse assist, rear air suspension, various driving modes, keyless go, an intelligent camera for automatic photo recording and heated seats and handles increase driving comfort. The performance is impressive. The SENMENTI 0 has a top speed of 200 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. At an average speed of 88 km/h, the maximum range is an impressive 300 kilometres. Thanks to the Super Charger function, the vehicle can charge its battery from 0 to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes at any e-car fast charging station (400 V). Bidirectional charging is also possible. The battery can supply power to camping equipment or other e-vehicles, for example. The vehicle is expected to go on sale in mid-2024.

HT5 is the name of the first electric enduro from Chinese manufacturer Horwin. In addition to a pure off-road version, two road-legal variants with different ranges are also planned. In the best case scenario, the 8 kW/11 hp HT5 should be able to travel up to 150 kilometres. Prices start at around 7,500 euros.

Harley Davidson continues on the road to success with the Livewire One

In 2018, Harley Davidson presented a purely electric power cruiser at the EICMA motorbike trade fair in Milan. At the time, the first electric Harley attracted a lot of attention and the Livewire bike was expected to cost just under 33,000 euros. The model name of the motorbike has since become the brand name, as the traditional American brand founded the subsidiary Livewire EV with the motorbike brand of the same name in 2021.

The manufacturer has also been on the market in Europe since April 2023. There are initially six locations nationwide. To this end, Livewire is travelling around the country on promotional tours. The first and only model for the time being is the naked bike Livewire One.

Alrendo TS Bravo: Electric power cruiser

At around 12,000 euros, the TS Bravo from the new Chinese brand Alrendo is comparatively inexpensive. The single-track power cruiser-style bike combines a 20 kW/27 hp electric motor with a 17.4 kWh battery. Although the bike can only travel at a maximum speed of 135 km/h, it has a range of 160 to 438 kilometres. However, the maximum range is only achieved at a constant 50 km/h. Charging takes just under four hours from a household socket. In keeping with its modern look, the TS Bravo offers a 7-inch display as an information centre.

Ein futiristisches Elektromotorrad im Studio vor Leuchtstreifen-Logo
Verge TS © Verge

Verge TS points the way to the future

Thanks to its futuristic design, the Verge TS from Finnish start-up Verge Motorcycles looks like a motorbike from a science fiction film. A special feature in terms of design and function is the bike's hubless rear wheel, which integrates the ring-shaped electric motor into the rim. The basic model of the bike, which costs around 33,000 euros, offers 80 kW of power. Just as impressive as the price are the key data of the Verge TS with 700 Newton metres, 20.2 kWh and a range of 250 kilometres.

With 102 kW/139 hp and a 20.2 kWh battery, the TS Pro costs around 37,000 euros. The top-of-the-range model is the TS Ultra, which costs around 55,000 euros. With 150 kW/204 hp and 1200 Newton metres, the Ultra offers plenty of power and a range of up to 375 kilometres thanks to its 21.8 kWh battery capacity. It also has fast-charging technology that allows it to be recharged in 25 minutes. The electric motorbikes can already be configured and ordered, and the first deliveries have now been announced for spring 2024.

rot-weiss-schwarzes Renn-Motorrad auf Messebühne der EICMA 2023
Elektro-Ducati V21L, © Courtesy EICMA

Ducati delivers top electric performance

The first electric Ducati V21L is a unique motorbike that is completely different from previous zero-emission racing motorbikes and will compete in the FIM MotoE™ World Cup from 2023. Developed in complete synergy by Ducati and Ducati Corse engineers, it incorporates unprecedented technical solutions for the battery, motor and inverter. The electric prototype, with its special livery inspired by Ducati's sporting history, has already wowed the public at the IAA MOBILITY in Munich.



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