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The VoWag e-load bike CARGO M for urban transport of heavy loads

Updated: Apr 2

rotes Lastenfahrrad mit schwarzem Wetterschild steht vor einem Hauseingang
The e-cargibike Cargo M / photo: VOWAG

In Plauen, Saxony, the mobility start-up VoWag, a subsidiary of the Sächsische Automobil Manufaktur SAM, has been building heavy e-cargo bikes for several years. Electric cargo bikes are the vehicle of the moment for many people - both for transporting their own children to kindergarten or school and for commercial use. With its CARGO M model, VoWag is drawing on experience from rally sport. The declared goal: to position one of the most robust electric bikes for commercial customers on the rapidly growing market.

The VoWag CARGO M is considered a solid all-rounder that can be used for a variety of applications in commercial use due to its robustness. In doing so, the manufacturer relies on a modular approach. With its large capacity of max. 745 kg (incl. driver), the large loading area of 1.27m x 0.98m and a considerable range, the Cargo M becomes a real alternative for the electric transporter. Depending on the battery, load, temperature, driving style or topography, the CARGO M cargo bike can achieve a range of up to 200km. The loading area is designed for transporting a Euro pallet or correspondingly wide bodies. According to the manufacturer, the loading volume is approx. 1.60m³ with a loading height of 1.30m (up to 2.00m³ with a higher container).

Man mit weissem T-Shirt und schwarzuer Hose sitz auf einem Lastenbike mit Transportbox vor dem Brandenburger Tor in Berlin
The Cargo M is individual configurable / photo: VOWAG

The CARGO M from VoWag relies on modular equipment

The robustness of the e-Cargobike from Plauen is based on the selected components (rims, chassis, frame and drive). This makes it possible to transport enormous loads like a whole pallet with the CARGO M. Options include a container with wheels, a universal loading area with screen-printed floor or a railing as well as a "caretaker's box". Lighting, rear-view mirror, horn and splash guard, an optional mobile phone holder or a spare wheel including "jack" are part of the equipment - partly at extra cost.

Thanks to this enormous loading capacity and the large loading area, a wide range of commercial applications can be found for the Cargobike from Saxony. VoWag defines its core areas of application as urban logistics, facility management and internal company use. Due to the robustness of the bike, the use of the CARGO M for rental and sharing providers is also interesting, because it is precisely here that electric vehicles are not always handled very carefully.

And so we now see the CARGO M cargo bikes in many cities as logistical helpers for urban transport, as food trucks or even as promotional stands at events and conferences. This is where the many (partly optional) superstructures pay off. An e-Cargobike from urban transport helper to eye-catcher as a marketing tool - this is how electric, sustainable mobility works today.


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