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Accessories: How I perfect my Ca Go cargo bike.

Updated: Apr 19

Eltern mit Kind sind mit dem Lastenrad unterwegs, das Kind sitzt in der Transportbox, alle tragen einen Fahrradhelm.

The Ca Go FS200 Life is considered one of the safest cargo bikes on the market. In the meantime, the cargo bike, which is popular with many families, can be seen on numerous roads. In the meantime, there are more and more positive reports. However, one or two gadgets have been missed. The manufacturer Ca Go from Koblenz has now expanded its range of accessories so that no wishes remain unfulfilled. We present the optional extras here.

Ca Go FS200 Life - well thought out down to the last detail

We have already presented the FS200 Life e-load bike from Ca Go in detail in our Special. Ca Go is so far the only manufacturer of cargo bikes with built-in seats including five-point harness seats and height-adjustable headrests. In addition, the Ortho-Safety-Collar offers maximum protection, as proven by the CTS crash test service.

The basic equipment itself is solid and extensive. Depending on the model variant, the safety passenger cell, the powerful Bosch Cargo motor, the low-maintenance belt drive with belt tensioner, the hydraulic disc brakes from Magura and the enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub gears are all included as standard. However, there are a few useful features that perfect the Ca Go FS200 Life and offer the optimal equipment for your application. Depending on the family situation, there are different seat installations that can also be adapted to the size of the children at a later date.

Sechs Zubhör-Ansichten für ein elektrisches Lastenbike

The following Ca Go accessories are available:


  • cost-effective alternative to the lockable Cargobox lid

  • textile cover for the Cargobox

  • variable, easy to open and close

  • privacy and weather protection

  • compatible with child seat

  • can be driven open and closed

  • allows access from all sides

  • cannot be used with mounted Ortho-Safety-Collar or Cargobox lid


The tablet has proved to be a very useful addition. Especially when transporting children, the legroom of the occupants is not restricted and the leather handbag does not fly around in the dirty footwell.

  • offers a second raised level for storage

  • creates extra storage space

  • can be loaded with max. 5 kg

by.schulz seat post or suspension seat post

Comfort is a given with the seatposts. The accuracy of fit is also an advantage, because people of different heights can always sit comfortably even without major modifications.

  • anti-theft device

  • Easy and precise saddle adjustment

Second Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh battery

The batteries are inserted under the footwell of the passenger compartment and can be removed. If a tablet and a roof are also mounted, battery removal can be a little trickier. A second battery is therefore recommended to reduce the charging intervals.

  • Additional battery with a combined energy content of up to 1,250 Wh

  • Increased range of up to 125 km

  • Rain- and theft-proof stowed in the lockable Battery-Safe

  • Easy handling thanks to ergonomic carrying handle

ABUS ring lock with luggage rack

A luggage carrier at the rear for attaching saddlebags is extremely useful, as it provides more space for passengers when transporting children. The carrier design is so versatile that almost any bag system can be mounted. The ring lock is firmly installed on the frame. This makes it quick and easy to secure the e-bike.

  • Ring lock quickly lockable and easy to use

  • Robust luggage carrier with max. 25 kg load capacity

  • compatible with all common pannier systems

  • integrated mounting plate for ABUS Amparo 4650 XL ring lock


The light of the SUPERNOVA headlight is extremely bright and offers very good illumination, especially in curves. The lamp from Supernova has a low beam and high beam function, as known from cars.

  • Low beam: 450 lumens

  • High beam: 1,150 lumen

  • Housing made of matt black anodised aluminium

  • Improved cornering illumination

SUPERNOVA TL-3 PRO brake tail light

The brightness of the new rear brake light is significantly improved compared to other models. It offers a high level of safety and visibility - even when braking.

  • with emergency brake light

  • extra bright

  • also well visible from the side

Bike Garage

Protection in wind and weather, even when the bike is parked outside, is provided by the custom-fit bike garage from Ca Go.

  • protects against dirt, rain and prying eyes

  • folds up and is easy to store

Original protective mat

Especially when children climb from the playground directly into the passenger compartment, dirt and grime are inevitable. The protective mat catches the dirt, protects the floor and makes it easier to clean the transport box.

  • Slip-proof and non-slip

  • fits exactly into the Cargobox

  • easy to remove

  • protects the box from dirt, moisture, scratches and more

  • Made in Germany GPS Tracker & App

Where is my bike? You can evaluate ride statistics or report a theft. With the app, you can park your bike more safely and alert the emergency services more quickly in the event of an accident.

  • Theft protection

  • Can be fitted at the factory

  • Ride data via app

  • Digital accident assistant notifies emergency contacts stored in the app in the event of a fall

  • Insurance service

All-Weather-Top + Ortho-Safety-Collar

All-year-round protection for your little passengers. In cold, wet months, the All-Weather-Top protects against wind and rain; in summer, it serves as sun protection. You can use it fully closed or partially open. The top can be folded forward for getting in and out. The Ortho-Safety-Collar offers maximum protection in the head area.

  • All-weather protection from rain, sun and wind all year round.

  • privacy screen

  • Flexible and modular

  • no restrictions on steering movements

  • can only be ordered in combination with Ortho-Safety-Collar

  • additional protection for head and neck

  • high energy absorption and durability, pure, UV-resistant, recyclable

  • supports the head

Sechs Zubhör-Ansichten für ein elektrisches Lastenbike

The accessories can be taken into account directly when configuring your bike. The cargo bike is then delivered to your dealer pre-assembled. In our e-shop, we present the Ca Co Bikes in detail, and you can request your individual offer directly from the manufacturer.



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