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Simply delivering: electric commercial vehicles in use

Handwerker fährt auf e-Lastenrad und transportiert Blumen

e-mobility is not only scooters and SUVs, but above all e-CargoBikes, e-load mopeds and e-utility vehicles! For flower shops, bakers or chimney sweeps: the quiet and emission-free all-rounders are the alternatives for the fast and sustainable transport of goods of all kinds! We provide information about the vehicle categories, performance options and the right vehicle.

There are different types of electric utility vehicles:

drei unterschiedliche Nutzfahrzeug-Kategorien: Lastenrad, Roller und Kleintransporter

More and more business people are opting for electrically powered vehicles in order to be sustainably and at the same time cost-effectively mobile in their activities. In the meantime, numerous manufacturers offer a wide variety of solutions that can be individually adapted to the needs of the company. In this way, the loading areas can not only be individually configured, but also function as an advertising space on wheels at the same time. We present the different vehicle categories:

Not only popular with young families: e-CargoBikes

Shops also like to use e-CargoBikes to deliver their goods. The home shopping delivery service is not only popular in times of pandemic. Courier services also benefit from the light e-bikes with loading space, as they are manoeuvrable and the couriers often reach their destination faster on the cycle paths.

vier Ansichten von gewerblichen Nutzfahrzeugen

Meanwhile, craftsmen also like to use the mobile workshops, with which they can ride directly to their customers. In this environmentally friendly way, they can easily transport the equipment from A to B and at the same time do something for their own health.

In the meantime, there are also roofed cabins that protect the driver from wind and weather. However, the drive is still provided by pedals. As with a conventional pedelec, the power is assisted by an electric motor up to 25 km/h. The pedelec's speed is limited to 25 km/h. Therefore, these e-vehicles are also considered bicycles and require neither a driving licence nor an insurance licence plate.

Incidentally, some cities and municipalities give subsidies for the purchase of e-CargoBikes. This makes the purchase attractive in addition to the often lower prices compared to a car.

Parking problems adé: electric cargomopeds

If you want to do without muscle power altogether and still be able to travel quickly in urban traffic, an electric cargo scooter is a good choice. The advantage of these vehicles is that they take up very little space, which makes it much easier to find a parking space. Parking in the second row, which annoys other road users, is no longer necessary. In addition, mopeds can be driven by young people from the age of 15 with an AM driving licence. This is practical if you employ schoolchildren as temporary workers. And if there is another traffic jam in the city, the e-moped has a clear advantage. It gets the pizza to the customer faster.

We have the following e-mopeds on offer: ARI 145 Lastenmoped, Horwin EK1 with special setup, Cake Ösa Flex: Work, Cake Makka Flex: Work

Vier Ansichten von Lastenmopeds für gewerbliche Nutzung

Would you like a little more? e-Cargi vehicles with 3 and 4 wheels

Speaking of pizza: if it should rain, a microcar such as the ARI 902 would certainly be an alternative. This belongs to the L7e vehicle class and, with a net price of only 13,999 €, is an inexpensive alternative.

If somewhat larger goods are to be transported, electric commercial vehicles with box bodies come into question. The transport cab can be customised, even a refrigeration function can be integrated, such as in the ARI 458 refrigerated vehicle. ARI Motors offers a wide range of configurations for its vehicles, so that the vehicle can be built precisely for the desired application. Whether as a three-wheeled ARI 345 flatbed or with the ARI 458 Food Truck - with the right equipment, you are well prepared for any eventuality.

Vier verschiednen Kleintransporter mit rein elektrischem Antrieb zur gewerblichen Nutzung.

Electric commercial vehicles offer a number of advantages to business owners

With their quiet drive, e-CargoBikes and cargo vehicles help reduce noise in urban areas. The lower operating costs and maintenance requirements make them economically attractive. The environmentally friendly nature of electric vehicles enables business operators to achieve their sustainability goals and build a green image. They also offer improved performance and range thanks to their fast acceleration and high efficiency. So by using electric commercial vehicles, tradespeople can not only cut costs but also reduce their environmental footprint.

More information in our e-Wiki.


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