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Lady in Red - the new facelift of the Tesla Model 3

Updated: Apr 22

rotes sportliches Auto steht vor rotem Hintergrund auf schwarzem Boden
Facelift Model 3 / photos: Tesla

With the Model 3, with which Tesla targeted the mass market of global car buyers, a still ongoing success story began. Around two million Model 3s have found a new owner so far. Tesla has established itself as a brand. Elon Musk is the face to the brand. Six years after the first version, the new Model 3 offers several innovations with its upgrade, promising more refinement and comfort.

mehrere Ansichten eines roten Autos aus verschiedenen Perspektiven.
Tesla Model 3 in a new look

A new look for the Tesla Model 3 facelift.

Exterior view:

  • Optimised aerodynamics

  • Bold new exterior lighting design

  • Two new colours: Ultra Red and Stealth Grey.

  • Rims/tires optimised for range

Mehrere Ansichten aus dem Innenraum eines modernen High-Tech Autos
Puristic interior in Tesla Model 3


  • cocoon-like interior with premium materials

  • customisable ambient lighting

  • ventilated front seats and heated seats in all other seating positions

  • Whisper-quiet interior thanks to 360° acoustic glazing, improved suspension bushings, seals and sound-absorbing materials

  • Newly designed centre console with aluminium trim, ample storage space and two wireless charging docks for mobile phones

  • New premium audio system

  • 8-inch rear display with controls for climate control, ventilation and audio/video system

  • Leverless steering wheel - there are haptic switches and physical buttons instead of steering wheel levers

  • 15.4-inch touchscreen with narrower bezel

  • Improved connectivity, e.g. 50% better cellular performance.

  • And various Tesla safety features

Improved range

Range increases to 513 to 629 km in WLTP, depending on model. The small battery can be charged with a maximum of 170 kW, the large one with up to 250 kW.

Next week, the new Tesla Model 3 facelift will be on display at the IAA Mobility in Munich.

Deliveries of the Model 3 with rear-wheel drive and the four-wheel drive version with maximum range will start at the end of October in Europe and the Middle East. Prices for Germany have now also been communicated - "The Model 3 upgrade starts at €42,990 in Germany before government subsidies."

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