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Black Week Sale: manufacturers and retailers present lucrative offers

Title Black Week with black vehicles

At the end of the year, many suppliers are once again enticing customers to their online shops with attractive offers for the big Black Week Sale. There are discounts and reductions on accessories. It's worth taking a look at the websites of manufacturers and retailers. We provide an overview of where you can save how much.

Black Week offers at a glance:

Sushi Bike* invites you to become a member of the biker gang "Bikers for Future". As a gang member, you will benefit from even better offers and exclusive discounts next week.

6black clothed persones on bicycles

BLACK WEEK bei ROSE Bikes*: Get the Black Week offers now from the categories bikes, clothing, parts & accessories and save in the Black Sale.

Up to -40 % on many different bikes. The promotion takes place from 17.11.2023 at 11 am until 28.11.2023.

The Black Bike Days* at Fahrrad-XXLde* statt. will take place from 18.11.2023 up to and including 27.11.2023. During this promotion, thousands of items will be radically reduced in price.

Steereon invites its customers to the winter sale. Depending on the configuration, savings of up to €747 are possible.

green e-Bike special offer

TheEgret Black Week* takes place this year from 15.11.-27.11.2023. Egret is giving anyone who buys an e-scooter (Egret Pro, Egret X/X+ or Egret One) on during this period the Egret mate by tex-lock worth €139. The lock is automatically added to the shopping basket with a 100% discount as soon as an e-scooter is included.

black locker as a special offer

Jeep Bikes* reduces the price of the Jeep SUV e-bike ULM 7000 by €1,200. There is also a free helmet and free shipping. That makes a total saving of €1,328.90. The delivery time is only 3 - 5 working days.

schwarzes e-Bike mit gelben Details

Where does Black Week come from?

In the USA, there is a specific day that marks the start of the Christmas shopping season: Black Friday. Black Friday is scheduled for the Friday after Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November.

There are several theories of origin for the term "Black Friday". The following etymological explanations are considered the most popular:

  • The name may stem from the fact that the crowds on the streets and in the shopping centres appear like a single black mass from a distance. This could also be an allusion to the chaos following the stock market crash of 1929, when many people tried to withdraw their savings from their bank at the last minute ("bank run").

  • Another theory is that on this high-turnover day, retailers have the chance to get out of the red - in other words, to be in the black instead of the red.

This year, Black Friday is on 24th of November. But as always, the special offers, deals and discounts start before then. Many retailers turn it into a whole week of special offers and call it Black Week.

While Black Friday in the USA mainly takes place in bricks-and-mortar retail stores, in Germany most of the discounts are offered online. Black Friday has been taking place on a larger scale in Germany since 2013. Apple was the first company to advertise discounts on Black Friday in 2006. Since then, the discount battle has continued to grow in popularity and is now the most popular time to find bargains worldwide.

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called commission links. If you click on such a link and place an order via this link, voylt will receive a commission from your purchase.



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