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Best-in-Class Award 2025

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electricar , the magazine for the mobility of tomorrow, honors the best e-models in all categories in cooperation with the Institute for New Mobility . BEST IN CLASS – this is the new specialist award for electric cars. From light vehicles to luxury SUVs, the outstanding electric vehicles are honored – and across all classes, the best e-car of the year is also honored.

The winners are chosen by a high-caliber jury. Among them is Kurt Sigl, who describes this recognition as particularly valuable: "It is a unique award that is not just limited to classic cars, but deals with a wide range of new mobility on wheels."

The following jury members are also represented:

  • Christian Clerici, television journalist, presenter, producer, author and entrepreneur, Head of Content & Creation at vibe

  • Armin Grasmuck, Editor-in-Chief electricar

  • Matthias Groher, Managing Director Institute New Mobility

  • Christoph Knogler, Member of the Board of Management and Chief Executive Officer of KebaGroup AG

  • Prof. Dr. Ing.Markus Lienkamp, Professor of Automotive Engineering, Head of the Munich School of Engineering

  • Prof. Dipl.-Ing.Johann Tomforde, Managing Director TEAMOBILITY Gmbh, strategy consultant, designer, inventor of the Smart

  • Astrid Witzany, Managing Director of Witzany GmbH and Congress Manager EL-MOTION 2024

  • and of course the readers of electricar.

Who is the "Best in Class"?

There are a total of 158 nominations in 12 categories:

  • Best Design Electric Car

  • Best electric family car

  • Best electric city car

  • Best fleet vehicle

  • Pioneer of the mobility transition

  • Light vehicles

  • Small and mini cars

  • Compact class

  • Middle class

  • Upper middle class

  • Upper class

  • SUV

The nominees are presented in detail in a special issue, which you can download free of charge here:

Cover picture special issue Best in Class Award 2025

In this first special edition of the BEST IN CLASS award, you will find the models that made it into the circle of nominees after a comprehensive selection based on pure factual analysis. It is a strong line-up with many well-known, sometimes surprising applicants. Each in their own way, with their own special character, by definition a class of their own.

For us at voylt, it is a great honor to be among the nominees in the category “Pioneers of the Mobility Transition”.

Seal nomination for pioneer of the mobility transition

"With the information portal voylt, visionE GmbH is promoting the mobility transition towards sustainable mobility. It offers comprehensive information about electromobility and micromobility and supports users in selecting the right electric vehicle. With voylt, both manufacturers and service providers receive the ideal platform for marketing their products."

Now participate and win

As a reader of electricar, you can also become part of the jury and help decide who will win the coveted trophy. Every participant has the chance to win attractive prizes.

Overview of prizes competition

All award winners will be announced and duly celebrated at a major event at the e4 Testival on October 26, 2024 at the Hockenheimring.

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