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Test your future e-motorcycle on a test drive.

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We will arrange an appointment with a dealer near you. There you can take your time to examine your e-bike and get advice.


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from 31.029,00 €

Its futuristic design, high-quality workmanship and advanced technology make it a symbol of electric mobility in the motorcycle sector. The Ego redefines the thrill of riding and shows that performance and sustainability can go hand in hand.



from 22.639,00 €

The Energica EsseEsse9+ is an electric motorcycle with classic Italian style, ideal for long-distance riding. It combines beauty and practicality and is equipped with the latest technology. Now at a special price!



from 29.194,00 €

The Energica EVA Ribelle is a high-performance electric motorcycle that is part of the e-revolution, offering more power, torque, range and less weight. It is a hyper naked bike that offers ultimate acceleration.



from 28.263,00 €

The Energica Experia is a newly developed zero-emission green tourer motorcycle that enables environmentally friendly riding and represents the know-how that Energica has accumulated over a decade of racing, design and electric technology.

Not the right one for you? Let us know which vehicle you would like to test drive in your area.

Experience the unique feeling of electrifying power


Experience the unprecedented performance of Energica electric motorbikes

Energica e-motorcycles offer incredible advantages compared to motorbikes with combustion engines. The electric motorbike from Modena is quiet, offers decent torque right from the start and, of course, produces zero emissions. The Energica Ego or Eva Ribelle accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds!

The top speed of the Ego is 240 km/h and is limited to 200 km/h for the EsseEsse9+ and Eva Ribelle.


The new Energica Experia is said to offer the longest range of any electric motorbike. According to Energica, the range in pure country road operation is 208 km, combined 256 kilometres and 420 kilometres in pure city traffic. Touring with the Energica Experia is therefore possible, even better than with any other e-motorbike on the market, as several tests have already proven.

Energica Experia has been available for the A2 driving licence since 2023!

Energica has been meeting the needs of younger riders and novice riders since 2023 by making the Experia available for A2 driving licence holders. Thanks to a technical adaptation, the A2 approval of the Energica Experia can be changed relatively easily once the large A driving licence has been obtained. In this way, it is not necessary to buy a new motorbike straight away.

Drei Motorradfahrer fahren nebeneinander frontal auf Kamera zu

Electric motorcycles on the test bench

With increasing environmental awareness and the need to reduce CO2 emissions, electric motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular. But what is behind this trend and is it really worth switching to an e-motorcycle? In this article we take a closer look at the development, registration numbers, prices and popularity of electric motorcycles.


The development of electric motorcycles

The development of electric motorcycles began in the last two decades, but it has only taken off in recent years. Manufacturers such as Zero, Energica and Harley-Davidson specialize in electric motorcycles and offer a wide range of models. These motorcycles are becoming more and more powerful and impressivende ranges, alleviating concerns about limited battery life. The technology behind electric motorcyclesThey are continually being improved, making them a serious alternative to traditional petrol motorcycles.

Admission numbers and popularity

The number of registrations of electric motorcycles is increasing worldwide. More and more people are choosing an electric motorcycle, be it for ecological reasons or because of the high performance of these vehicles.  This helps increase the popularity of electric motorcycles.

Prices and profitability

Prices for electric motorcycles have fallen in recent years while range and performance have increased. Although electric motorcycles still require an initial investment, the lower operating costs and government incentives can reduce long-term costs. Charging an electric motorcycle is usually far cheaper than refueling a gasoline motorcycle. Maintenance costs are also lower because there are fewer moving parts to wear out.

Is it worth switching to an e-motorcycle?

Whether switching to an electric motorcycle is worthwhile depends on various factors. If you ride short to medium distances and have access to charging, an electric motorcycle can be an excellent choice. It not only offers environmental benefits, but also a comfortable and quiet ride. However, you have to keep in mind that the selection of models and the charging infrastructure can vary depending on the region. It is important to adapt the range and performance of the electric motorcycle to your individual needs.

In summary, electric motorcycles are on the rise and have a promising future in the world of two-wheeled mobility. Developments, increasing registration numbers, falling prices and government incentives are making switching to an e-motorcycle increasingly attractive. The decision as to whether it is worthwhile for you personally depends on your individual needs and the availability of charging options in your region. However, as technology continues to advance, electric motorcycles will undoubtedly play an important role in the future of mobility.

It's best to get your own impression at a dealer near you. We'll give you a free test drive. 

Where is it possible to test drive an e-motorcycle?

Many motorcycle dealers and manufacturers usually offer the opportunity to test drive an electric motorcycle. Electric motorcycles are growing in popularity, and manufacturers and dealers are often eager to give potential customers the opportunity to experience the benefits and performance of these vehicles first-hand.

We'll arrange a test drive in your area. Make sure you have the appropriate driving license. 


Before the test drive, you should ask the dealer about the exact conditions and requirements for the test drive, such as the duration of the trip or insurance conditions.

During the test ride you can put the electric motorcycle through its paces to find out whether it meets your needs and expectations. The test drive is a great opportunity to check the vehicle for comfort, handling, acceleration and range.

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