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The right driver's license
for all cases

In Germany there are currently 17 different driving license classes (driving license classes). Each vehicle is assigned to a specific driving license class. Anyone who buys a vehicle should check in advance whether the relevant driving license is available or still needs to be acquired, because not every license holder is allowed to drive every vehicle. You can find this information on the back of your driver's license. It is also important to note when the driver's license was obtained, because different vehicle classes are permitted depending on the year of acquisition. A special feature applies to the moped class, i.e. vehicles that, due to their design, travel at a maximum of 25 km/h. No driving license is required, but a test certificate is required, which can be obtained at any driving school. This is possible from the age of 15 and is quite cheap compared to the other driving license classes, as only 6 theory lessons and a practical unit of 90 minutes have to be completed and a theory test has to be taken. However, this test certificate is no longer up-to-date, as there is now a more attractive alternative for 15-year-olds.


Driving license AM (moped)

Driver's license category A applies to two- and three-wheeled motorcycles, where AM (Moped) it allows small and light motorcycles to be driven at speeds of up to 45 km/h and a maximum of 4 kW, this also includesS-Pedelecs. Colloquially, this is referred to as a scooter or moped driving license. You can get this motorcycle license from the age of 15. More on which vehicles you can drive with this license will be discussed later.

Motorcycle license A1, A2 and A

This is followed by the A1 driving license for Motorcycles up to 125 cubic centimeters, 11 kW and a top speed of 110 km/h. Young people aged 16 and over can acquire this driving license. Drivers over 25 years of age who have had their Class B driving license for over 3 years can have this A1 driving license entered in their driving license as a newly defined driving license B196 through an advanced course at driving school and can then also drive the faster light motorcycles. Anyone who acquired the old class 3 driving license before April 1, 1980 can use the license to drive class A1 vehicles without additional training.

A2 is the second highest motorcycle class for vehicles with an output of up to 35 kW. You can acquire this driving license from the age of 18.

With the driving license class A, all registered motorcycles can be driven and includes the motorcycle classes AM, A1 and A2. Some also call this license the “large motorcycle license” or “A open”. To be eligible for direct entry, you must be at least 24 years old. It is possible for a class A2 holder to take an exam for the A driving license at least two years after acquiring their driving license. Theoretically, even 20-year-olds can enjoy riding motorcycles with an engine output of over 53 kW.

Driving license class B – the car driving license

The B driving license is the most common and includes the driving license for Owtos up to 3.5 tons. The minimum age here is 18 years (exception: BF17 allows accompanied driving for people aged 17 and over). Motorcycles up to 45 km/h (AM and L) and trailers (B96) are included.

There will be innovations in 2023: the 4th Driving License Directive will be expanded, among other things. The validity of the B196 driving license is valid throughout Europe. Until now, this only allowed driving a motorcycle up to 125 cc in Germany. In addition, all owners of a B driving license should be able to drive vehicles up to 4.25 tons in the future. Until now, drivers who got their driving license after January 1, 1999 were allowed to drive Class B vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of 3.5 tons. This change has a particular impact on Reisemobile, because the electrification of their drives means a significant increase in weight.

Can it be a little bigger?

You need the C driving license class to drive LKTo be allowed to use Ws, there are also two levels: C1 and the extension C1E. The timing of the driving license test is also important here. Anyone who passed their class 3 driving license before December 31, 1988 can continue to drive 7.5-ton trucks. Bus license classes are classified below D and allow transport of more than 8 people. Have you always wanted to drive a tractor? From the age of 16, with the special class driving license L - also known as a forklift license - it is also possible to drive vehicles for forestry and agriculture up to 40 km/h. An extension to class T is possible from the age of 18.


Old driving licenses must be exchanged.

Many people still have their old class 3 gray or pink driving license in their wallets. The Third EU Driving License Directive stipulates that all driving licenses issued before January 19, 2013 must be exchanged by January 19, 2033. 

For driving licenses issued by December 31, 1998, the year of birth of the license holder is decisive:

  • before 1953: Exchange until January 19, 2033

  • 1953 to 1958: Exchange until January 19, 2022

  • 1959 to 1964: Exchange until January 19, 2023

  • 1965 to 1970: Exchange until January 19, 2024

  • 1971 or later: Exchange by January 19, 2025


For driving licenses issued from January 1, 1999, the year of issue of the driving license (*) applies:

  • 1999 to 2001: Exchange until January 19, 2026

  • 2002 to 2004: Exchange until January 19, 2027

  • 2005 to 2007: Exchange until January 19, 2028

  • 2008: Exchange until January 19, 2029

  • 2009: Exchange until January 19, 2030

  • 2010: Exchange until January 19, 2031

  • 2011: Exchange until January 19, 2032

  • 2012 to January 18, 2013: Exchange until January 19, 2033

(*) Driver's license holders whose year of birth is before 1953 must exchange their license by January 19, 2033, regardless of the year the license was issued.

In general, driving licenses are no longer valid indefinitely. After 15 years they must be renewed.

By the way: If you cannot show your driving license during a traffic stop, you risk a fine of €10.00. However, the police may request that you present the document to the nearest office as soon as possible. However, anyone who drives a vehicle without a valid driver's license risks a prison sentence of up to one year or a significantly higher fine, as this is a criminal offense.

Our favorite: the scooter driving license

Did you know that with your car driving license you also get an e-scooter driving license?

In fact, electric scooters can sometimes be moved without any special theoretical or practical tests. The normal class B car driving license is sufficient for all vehicles in class AM. An additional e-scooter or moped driving license is therefore not necessary.

Which vehicles are there in the AM class?

The class AM driving license is also known colloquially as a moped driving license and accordingly you can use it to drive exactly these vehicles: mopeds. Mopeds are vehicles that have a maximum speed of 45km/h and a maximum engine power of 4kW. Most e-scooters fall into this class. The range is now quite extensive and there are some attractive vehiclesge.No matter what style suits you, there is certainly the right e-scooter for you. True to the motto: #drivewhatyourvoylt. And if you're still not sure which vehicle might be right for you, ours will help youe-Fin the while searching!

What do you need to consider when getting an e-moped driving license?

As already described above, class AM vehicles can also be driven with a normal car driving license. Without an additional e-moped driving license! Of course, we still recommend that you always do at least one extensive test drive and, ideally, practice on the traffic practice area before driving on “real” roads for the first time. You'll quickly get the hang of it, but it's always better to be safe than sorry - especially in traffic.

Can an e-moped replace a car?

The idea behind the regulation of getting an e-moped driving license for free with the regular car driving license makes it very easy for drivers to switch to a smaller and more environmentally friendly vehicle. Whether this is realistic for you depends, of course, on your own driving and usage behavior. The fact is that very few people travel more than 50 kilometers a day. And thisRichdistance Pretty much every e-moped can do it. So if your everyday mobility mainly consists of going to work, aheoller (or even ae bike ore-scooter) is definitely a good idea. It is also clear that an electric two-wheeler is significantly cheaper, requires less space for parking and you get around much better, especially in the city. If you are still looking for a few ideas for suitable vehicles, take a look at our e-mopeds. Would you rather get advice? Then that's ite-Finthe right for you. Find your suitable vehicle here.

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