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Test your future e-CargoBike on a test ride.

How it works

We will arrange an appointment with a dealer near you. There you can take your time to examine your e-bike and get advice.


Select your e-CargoBike for the test ride

Urban Arrow Family

Urban Arrow Family

from €6,355

The lower seating position of children ensures an overall lower center of gravity. With the Urban Arrow Family you are safe on the road.

Chike e-kids

Chike e-kids

from €6,999

Whether for the trip to kindergarten or a weekend trip, the chike e-kids is the ideal companion for you and your family!

Ca Go Bike FS200 Life

Ca Go Bike FS200 Life

from €7,690

Probably the most attractive alternative to a city car. Fast, maneuverable and plenty of space for the kids and family.



from €13,500

With its slim dimensions (200 cm long, 80 cm wide), the Hopper also fits into small parking spaces and, as a Pedelec, it can be used on cycle paths.

Not the right one for you? Let us know which vehicle you would like to test drive in your area.

Important information about e-cargo bikes:

CargoBikes with and without electric motors

e-CargoBikes offer several advantages over CargoBikes without an electric motor, such as a longer range, higher transport capacity and easier handling of heavy loads. However, cargo bikes without electric motors are often more cost-effective and require less maintenance because they have fewer complex components. The choice between e-CargoBikes and cargo bikes without an electric motor ultimately depends on the needs of the user, including the type of loads to be transported, the distances to be covered and the physical constitution.

Regional funding for e-CargoBikes

In order to promote the use of e-CargoBikes and advance the expansion of sustainable mobility, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and various municipalities offer attractive funding programs. Here we provide an overview of the regional funding opportunities for electric cargo bikes and inform you about the financial support available.

1.    BAFA: According to the current Information sheet on the e-cargo bike directive (As of January 2023) it is possible for traders to apply for financial support. The application must be submitted to the dealer before ordering. Eligible for funding is 25% of the purchase costs, up to a maximum of €2,500 per e-CargoBike or cargo bike trailer with e-drive.

2.    Baden-Württemberg: The State Bank supports the purchase of electric cargo bikes for commercial or non-profit e-cargo bikes with up to €2,500.

3.    Hesse: The state of Hesse is now again supporting the purchase of new e-cargo bikes and e-trailers. Private individuals residing in Hesse can receive the funding. The application must be submitted before purchasing the e-CargoBike. Further information can be found on the Website of the Hessian Ministry of the Environment.

4.    North Rhine-Westphalia: As part of the Cargo bike funding NRWThe purchase of electric cargo bikes for commercial purposes is supported: up to €4,200 for municipalities, up to €2,100 for companies and €500 for cargo bikes without an electric drive.

5.    Stuttgart: The state capital Stuttgart has been supporting the purchase of new e-cargo bikes for Stuttgart families with at least one child since 2018. The amount of funding is €600. The Stuttgart cargo bike funding guidelines and other information on the “E-cargo bikes for Stuttgart families” funding program are available at Applications can be submitted there directly online. 

6.    Munichoffers a maximum of €500 or €750 for private and commercial cargo bikes without/with Pedelec drive, a maximum of €250 for trailers. Double the funding rate is available for holders of a Munich Pass (social bonus). The duration of the funding program has been valid since July 1, 2022 upon application, and from April 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025 as a regular new funding program. Further information on funding opportunities in Bavarian cities is available

7.    Braunschweig: Funding is loud Funding guidelines StVO-compliant, registration and insurance-free cargo bikes without battery-electric pedal assistance or with battery-electric pedal assistance (cargo pedelecs up to 25 km/h). The subsidy when purchasing an e-CargoBike amounts to 25% of the net costs up to a maximum of €1,000.

8.    Mainz: As part of the city of Mainz's “Master Plan 100% Climate Protection”, the Mainz municipal utilities launched an attractive funding program. This supports the purchase of an e-CargoBike with €300

The funding opportunities for e-CargoBikes vary depending on the region and municipality. Once the funding has been exhausted, the programs end. Follow-up projects are desirable, but not always feasible. Companies, self-employed people and private individuals should find out about the current funding programs in their region in order to benefit from financial support. The examples mentioned show that there are attractive subsidies that make it easier to buy an e-CargoBike and thus make an important contribution to sustainable mobility.

voylt assumes no responsibility for the completeness or deviations of the information on funding options for cargo bikes.
The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called commission links. If you click on such a referral link and place an order via this link, voylt will receive a commission from your purchase.
All prices are in euros including VAT. plus shipping and handling.

Exclusive reports on e-CargoBikes

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