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Apply for a THG quota - which providers are the best?

  • Earn up to €380 per vehicle per year with the THG quota

  • Register in just a few clicks

  • Which providers are the best?

  • For private customers and company cars

  • Public charging points are also eligible to apply


Since 2022, owners of fully electric vehicles (BEV) from the L1e class (i.e. from 45 km/h) have been able to apply for the payment of a GHG quota. In this way, owners of e-vehicles are rewarded because the CO₂ emissions saved from their vehicle are sold on to oil companies.

THG stands for greenhouse gas. The quota regulation was introduced in 2007 (initially as an energetic biofuel quota). Petroleum companies are obliged to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions by placing biofuels on the market. The quota is based on the annual total sales volume of gasoline and diesel fuel. 

The CO2- According to the Bundestag resolution of May 25, 2021, companies' reduction should be gradually increased to 25% by 2030. That's why companies invest a lot of money in offsetting their emissions. The actual trading takes place via numerous agencies that specialize in this business model of quota trading. Many of these intermediaries are start-ups. 

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What do you need to apply for the THG quota?

Applying for the THG bonus is very easy. You register as the owner of a e-vehicle with your favorite THG quota provider. Then upload the registration certificate part 1 (vehicle registration document). This is at Car or Motorcycles mandatory. 

With some providers you can still choose whether you want a guaranteed payout amount or take a little more risk and then receive 90% of the current market price at the time of sale. Then it's time to wait. However, this can take a few weeks or even months. That's why some brokers offer immediate payouts. But be careful: the payout amount is often lower than with other providers.

There are also bonuses for referring friends. So it's important to compare the prices carefully and consider which provider you want to apply for your GHG quota from.


At the end of June, the Federal Cabinet approved significant changes to the ordinance on the implementation of the THG quota. Accordingly, applications for approval of the THG quota for purely battery electric vehicles (BEV) must in future be submitted by 15 November of the current year. The previous deadline of 28 February of the following year will only apply to charging current.

For voluntarily registered e-vehicles, the THG quota can probably only be applied for in individual cases in future. The previous blanket equal treatment of vehicle classes L1e-L6e (e.g. e-scooters with a large licence plate) and special classes similar to cars (vehicle class M1) will no longer apply. Vehicle classes such as L7e and e-trucks (vehicle classes N2 and N3) will have their own estimated values in future. This means that applications for light vehicles or motorbikes up to and including category A1 cannot be submitted at present!

Geld in der Hand

Which providers can you apply for the THG quota from?

There are now numerous agencies that trade in GHG quotas. Here we provide information about the best providers from whom you can apply for your THG quota.

voylt: In cooperation with a renowned THG quota provider, we offer you the opportunity to apply for your THG quota now and without complications. You can choose whether you want to submit the bonus for the current year only or as a combined application for 2 years. The premium amount will be adjusted to the current conditions.* will pay a bonus of at least €100 to private individuals in 2024. The bonus is available for all car classes and models.

Lowago is a brand of Maingau Energie and currently pays €90.

The ADAC now also offers the THG bonus of €100 per car with an additional €20 member benefit.

Geld für dein e-Auto* currently promises €85 for private individuals and companies. E-cars and light electric vehicles subject to registration are eligible to apply. The bulk upload is particularly practical for commercial customers, as they do not have to register each vehicle individually. There is also the option of express payment. You will then receive €70 within 7 days. Want to gamble? Then choose the risk option. You will receive 90 % of the market price.

carbonify is a young company from the founder and influencer Alexander Bangula ("Elektrisiert") from Munich. The guaranteed payout is currently €80 for the classic option. If you wait until the end of the year to receive your payout, you can expect €90. An express payout within a week will bring €70 to your account. Extra: There is a new customer bonus of €10. The transparent and fair processing is confirmed by users. is a new provider that offers two payout options for electric cars or electric motorcycles. With the immediate releaseWith the option you get a bonus of €180; with the variable variant for a term of two years you get up to €411.

EMOVY* Attractive bonuses for fleet customers.

For businesses, such as car dealerships, car rental and car subscription providers, car sharing providers, care services, public transport operators, taxi companies, transport and logistics companies (CEP industry), leasing companies, insurance companies, energy suppliers and municipal utilities, insurance companies, as well as operators of public charging stations, we recommend EMOVY* (Member of the BEM). EMOVY supports companies, takes over the entire process and creates optimal conditions for maximum quota revenues. Get personalised advice from an experienced team.

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Public charging points are also eligible to apply

Operators of charging stations that are open to the public can also apply for a THG quota.

The following applies to private individuals: Receiving GHG bonuses for e-vehicles from private assets is a non-taxable benefit. These premiums are therefore not subject to income tax.

The following applies to companies: If the e-vehicle is classified as business assets, the THG bonuses represent business income in the income tax assessment and are taxable as part of the profit.

The THG quota can be claimed every year. Depending on the agent, they will take care of the registration automatically or ask for an update at the end of the year. That's why it's worth taking a look at the small print. Of course, you can also choose a different agent every year - depending on who has the best conditions.

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called commission links. If you click on such a referral link and place an order via this link, voylt will receive a commission from your purchase

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