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E-Cannonball 2023 – the best Cannonball ever, ever, Everest!

Updated: Apr 2

E-Auto mit Rallye-Beklebung fährt auf einer Landstraße in den Bergen.
photo: Lina Seidel

The annual highlight for electromobility fans took place last sunny September weekend in Bad Griesbach / Rottal: the E-Cannonball 2023. This is a car rally of purely electrically powered vehicles. The participants drove a good 400 km through the most beautiful areas of Bavaria and the Salzkammergut in Austria. On the route, there were sophisticated challenges that the drivers had to master. The field of participants was a colourful mix. From e-mobility-enthusiastic families to the "Who's Who" of the electric industry, everything was there, including the team Ove Kröger and Alexander Bloch in the Lucid Air battling it out with the brothers Albert & Alex Bangula („Elektrisiert“) in the Tesla Model S Plaid. Also present were Dirk Kunde (Drehmoment) and the ADAC Youtube channel team Marie and Matthias. We from Team voylt were also able to take part this year.

Drei Ansichten mit E-Autos und Fahrern, die sich auf eine Rallye vorbereiten.
Parc Fermé e-Cannonball 2023, photo: Lina Seidel

Already on Saturday, the 73 teams presented their vehicles in the Parc Fermé. Numerous interested people came by and so an informative exchange about e-mobility topics took place. Even many doubters of the electrified future stopped by and could convince themselves of the diversity of electromobility. The vehicles were marvelled at and one or two people were able to try them out. In addition, sponsors such as Ionity, Maingau and Technagon presented themselves with information stands. Thanks to these sponsors, all participating teams were supplied with sufficient electricity free of charge during the event and also on the journey home. Many thanks for that!

mehrere Rallye-Autos auf Parkplatz, beim Start und beim Laden
e-Cannonball 2023, photo: Silvia Josten

From small to large - the E-Cannonball presents the diversity of e-cars

The starting vehicles were divided into 4 categories, based on battery size. However, one group of vehicles was very special and, as every year, marvelled at by numerous people: the Heros! These are converted or self-built vehicles, of course with road registration and TÜV, of which one would never have thought that they could cover the distance of over 400 km purely electrically. For example, a Land Cruiser FJ40, the solar-powered BoSolarCar of Bochum University or a converted VW Derby2. Nevertheless, they all made it to the finish line. The challenges were commented on by well-known Youtubers from the e-mobility scene. In the studio, Arnie Kröger, Oliver Krüger (163 Grad) and Mathias "Mate" Gruber ("Instadriver") hosted the exciting livestream from 6:30 in the morning until 19:00.

Autos mit Folierungen absolvieren Fahraufgaben im Parcours. Fahrer wird interviewt.
Challenges at e-Cannonball 2023, photo: Lina Seidel / Silvia Josten

On the way, they had to complete the precisely specified driving route with predefined route points. Selfies had to be taken at hotspots in the area, coins had to be minted, the longest golf swing counted, expert knowledge counted in the Ionity knowledge quiz and of course the drivers had to prove their driving skills in skill tests.

Lachende Menschen stehen auf einer Bühne in bayerischer Tracht, Gruppenfoto der Rallyeteilnehmer
award ceremony e-Cannonball 2023, photo: Lina Seidel / Silvia Josten

The evening was concluded with a festive gala where the award ceremony for the participating teams took place. For us, it was enough for 10th place in Group 2 with our Polestar 2.

Overall, the E-Cannonball was a perfectly organised e-mobility event. The community proved its cohesion: everyone helped each other and all participants were mega-sympathetic. There was a lot of laughter and everyone had a lot of fun. The only thing we were missing this year were the two-wheeled vehicles. E-mobility doesn't just mean driving an e-car. We would have liked to see more e-motorbikes, e-bikes, electric utility vehicles or e-microcars. But who knows - maybe next year we will see a Microlino, an ARI or an eRockit at the start. After all, after the E-Cannonball is before the E-Cannonball!

Information about the event can be found on the E-Cannonball website.


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