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“Electromobility is not just a different type of drive for vehicles, but will change our entire mobility behavior over the next ten to twenty years. Not only will we see new vehicles, but the entire infrastructure such as gas stations, parking lots and lanes will also be completely rethought. This offers us a huge opportunity to transform our cities into sustainable living spaces that are adapted to people.”

Johannes Haas, founder and CEO of visionE GmbH

In many conversations about this, Johannes repeatedly showed that people are increasingly interested in e-mobility, but they are often still afraid of it and don't even know what questions they actually need to ask. This is why they shy away from purchasing a new vehicle.

This is how the idea came about in 2020, in the middle of the Corona crisis, to develop an online platform that answers exactly these questions and offers interested parties orientation.

Future of mobility
voylt on cell phone display

Vehicles will be suggested to you based on your needs


There are answers to all your questions here: The e-Wiki explains the world of e-mobility to you in an understandable yet comprehensive way.


Information, reports and news – everything current is available here at a glance.


Here you can clearly find all the details and immediate ordering options for a variety of vehicle categories and products.

Our team

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