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What is a
Removable battery system?

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Currently in somee-vehicles like for exampleElectric cars,e-scooters ore-bikes theBatteries firmly installed. However, more and more manufacturers are now turning to a sustainable solution with a removable battery. If the battery is damaged, the entire vehicle does not have to be replaced straight away. This also has advantages for the user, as they can easily carry out the charging process in their home using a household socket. Removable batteries are a prerequisite for removable battery systems. This means that sharing providers do not have to transport all the vehicles with large vans in halls for shared charging and then distribute them again in the cities. With replaceable batteries, the vehicles remain at their locations and only the empty batteries are replaced on site with fully charged batteries.

Replacement batteries from the cupboard

Another removable battery system are charging cabinets, such as. B. from the mobility startup Swobee, which operates a manufacturer-independent battery changing system for small electric vehicles. Users can store and charge the empty battery in a charging cabinet and remove a full battery in exchange and continue the journey without a long charging break.

The Asian e-moped sharing provider Gogoro was the first to start offering this removable battery system in Taiwan. According to many experts, its strong expansion is based on the very simple and therefore customer-friendly ability to change the batteries. With the help of an app, the full batteries provided are identified and the exchange can be carried out in the e-moped in just a few seconds.

swobee-schrank_kumpan-electric-B28EU1hTHLU-unsplash (1).jpg

Chinese e-car provider NIO relies on replaceable batteries

In fact, this change topic also seems to make perfect sense for electric cars. Instead of driving to a charging station and charging between a few minutes and half an hour, the NIO E-Car automatically changes the batteries within 3 minutes. The driver of the NIO e-car steers his car into a kind of carport over a pit, similar to a lifting platform - then a robot fully automatically removes the battery from the underbody of the vehicle and replaces it with a charged one.

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