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Find your e-vehicle here!

Just ask eFi
and you will receive your personal suggestions..

Der e-Finder findet dein Elektrofahrzeug

Would you like to know which e-vehicle is right for you? An e-scooter or would you prefer a cool e-moped? Do you prefer off-road or on-road travelling? Alone or as a couple? Just answer a few questions and we will determine the ideal e-vehicle based on your information.

The e-Finder determines the right e-vehicle for you based on your needs.

A different way of searching for a vehicle. You don't have to struggle through a complicated search process. We do it for you. You tell us your preferences and what is important to you. You tell us how you would like to use your future electric vehicle. From your answers, the e-Finder creates a type-based assignment of suitable vehicles in a matter of seconds. The results can also come from different vehicle categories. The e-Finder may show you completely new options that you hadn't even considered before. The e-vehicles are displayed to you directly online as a result. 

Find out more about the vehicle on the product detail page.

All relevant data is listed here. Choose from various options:

  • Request a non-binding offer from the provider. You can specify individual configuration requests here.

  • Book a free test drive.

  • Order the vehicle directly.

  • Follow the link to the provider's website. 

You can save the result of the e-Finder in your personal profile and access it again later at any time. Or would you like to change a few details? No problem, you can do the e-Finder again at any time.

All available vehicles are listed in our e-Shop, and you can filter all search results according to your requirements. 

And if you can't (yet) find a suitable vehicle, we will of course be happy to help you individually! Just let us know what you're looking for.

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