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Daheimladen Station

Charging at home doesn't have to be complicated!


DaheimLaden offers you standardised, understandable and easy-to-use charging solutions. You receive all the necessary services from planning, advice on subsidy options, finding an electrician to the provision of the charging components / wallbox.

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DaheimLader Touch wallbox

The DaheimLader Touch wallbox is a high-quality and attractively designed wallbox. It consists of a waterproof metal housing (IP55) and has a tempered glass front panel. The DaheimLader Touch has a 7-inch touch display, which can be switched off completely in standby mode.

It consists of a waterproof metal housing, has a tempered glass front panel and can be used in unprotected outdoor areas without any problems thanks to its IP55 certification.


The wallbox's electricity meter is MID-compliant, which enables smooth billing even for company cars. The meter reading is also shown on the display. It can optionally be used by means of coded RFID cards. This prevents unauthorised use by third parties and the allocation of charging processes can be easily documented.

As an intelligent charging station, you can also use a variety of software functions such as PV surplus charging (compatible with all inverters), overload management of several wallboxes, as well as comprehensive analyses with the smartphone app. A web portal solution for notebooks and PCs is also available.


The safety features of the wallbox include a fault protection sensor system with AC (30mA) and DC (6mA) protection. The CE / EU conformity tests were successfully implemented together with TÜV SÜD (link to the certificate database of TÜV SÜD, Munich: EMC / Low Voltage) The power supply cable can be "invisible" from below or from behind.

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Your own wallbox for at home, at work or for customers is always available.

Low-cost charging can be very easy. Use your own wallbox whenever you want. No more annoying waiting and no more overpriced charging tariffs!

Daheimladen Station


For electric cars & plug-in hybrids with type 2 charging plug

Daheimladen Station in Aktion

Intuitive operation with German-language touch display. Simple installation of the wallbox.

Daheimladen App

DaheimLaden app

Statistics functions and user-based evaluation of all charging processes with download option.

How the DaheimLader Touch works:

Frequently asked questions:


Can I also install the DaheimLaden wallbox outdoor

Yes, the DaheimLader Touch Wallbox complies with the IP 55 standard. All charging stations are splash-proof and can also be installed outdoors, for example on a house wall, a carport or on the optional pedestal.

Can I install the wallbox on my own?

Please leave the installation to a trained specialist and have your DaheimLaden wallbox installed by a qualified electrician. DaheimLaden will give you tips on who can carry out the installation in your area.

As a specialised electrical company, can I buy the wallbox for my end customers directly from you?

Yes, DaheimLaden has a special purchasing programme for specialist electrical companies. Please contact DaheimLaden directly by e-Mail or telephone.

What cable cross-section do the DaheimLaden wallboxes require?

For the DaheimLader wallboxes with 11kW, we recommend a cable cross-section of at least 4qmm. For the DaheimLader wallboxes with 22kW, we recommend a cable cross-section of at least 6qmm. 

Is the DaheimLader wallbox eligible for subsidies?

Yes, the DaheimLader Touch is eligible for funding under the KfW 442 funding programme, provided that the funding has not yet been exhausted.

Which logistics partner does DaheimLaden use to ship the wallboxes and pedestals?

DaheimLaden's logistics partner is DHL. Please note that the delivery time for the pedestals usually takes 2-3 working days longer due to the oversized dimensions.


DaheimLaden is an established, innovative start-up company from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and helps to create the necessary charging infrastructure for electric mobility at home. More than 20,000 charging points have now been put into operation in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. DaheimLaden is also an official wallbox partner of Hyundai Motor Germany. 

The company's aim is to offer a charging solution that fulfils all the user's wishes. First and foremost, this is the power supply for the electric vehicle, but controlling is now also essential. "The real music plays in the software development," says Stephan Schwebe, founder and CEO of DaheimLaden. Electricity consumption and costs can be monitored via an app. Users can set the system to only charge when their own solar system is producing surplus electricity. Anyone who invests in a comprehensive, quality-orientated charging solution from the outset will enjoy it for years to come. That's why DaheimLaden wallboxes come with a 24-month manufacturer's warranty.

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