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ATU offers all-round service for e-cars.

  • Specialist workshop for e-cars

  • Comprehensive accessories for e-vehicles in the online shop*

  • favorable conditions

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What should you pay attention to when checking an e-car?

Inspection of an e-car - is it even necessary? There is no need to change the oil or air filter. But even an electric car needs some attention from time to time, e.g. B. regarding the brakes. What is pleasing is that the prices are usually cheaper than the combustion models.

“E-cars have fewer wearing parts and are therefore less maintenance-intensive than conventional cars, but a check-up before summer is still strongly recommended,” says Rene Kleesattel, e-mobility expert at ATU. “Among other things, tires, brakes and electronics are checked. Proper implementation is important for road safety and the longevity of the e-car.”

ATU offers all-round service for e-cars!

Changing tires: Given the battery pack, electric cars have a higher overall weight and have a lot of torque at the wheel. E-car drivers should therefore attach importance to special tires for electric vehicles. These have a particularly high load capacity and an optimized rubber mixture. Low rolling resistance also enables a greater range.

Brake check: e-cars can recover kinetic energy through recuperation when coasting and braking and thus increase their range. At the same time, recuperation reduces the load on the mechanical brakes. This means that less wear and tear can cause stubborn rust to form, which will spread over time and shorten the lifespan of the brakes.

Check electronics and air conditioning: Many components of the electronics, such as the function of the lighting system of the headlights, the indicators or the brake lights, can easily be checked yourself. It is also important to check the air conditioning system, which is best carried out in a workshop. In many e-cars, the refrigeration unit is also used to cool the battery. As with combustion engines, maintenance every two years is recommended.

Battery check: What should not be forgotten during the check-up is to check the small 12-volt battery. If this is defective or discharged, the on-board electrical system will fail. This affects the lighting, central locking, important instruments and the infotainment system. The test is free at ATU. Customers also receive a clear test report about the condition of their battery.

In addition, ATU also offers comprehensive accessories.

This also applies to other vehicle categories such as e-bikes, e-mopeds or e-scooters. It proves to be particularly practical, for example: B. the carrying strap for e-scooters from Lanco, if it is taken on the train, for example.

There is a large selection of covers, locks or top cases for e-mopeds. Matching motorcycle clothing is also available in the online shop.

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